Lube free Air chain hoist

“Lube free” Air chain hoist-LC2A series 

“INGERSOLL-RAND” LC2A – Lube free Air Chain Hoist Series


  • Available capacity 1.5 Ton to 100 Tons (Please contact us for more detail.)

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Capacity (1.5 -100 Ton)


LubeFree Air hoist – LCA & LC2A series

“INGERSOLL-RAND” LCA & LC2A – Lube free Air Hoist Series

Feature & Benefit:

  • Rugged, Compact Design and Light Weight: All steel construction for better durability. Particularly adapted for difficult environments. Insensitive to dust and humidity. 100% duty cycle.
  • Suitable for Hazardous Explosion Proof Environments: Air motors (unlike electric motors) are inherently explosion proof. ATEX classification (as per directive EC 94/9/EEC)
  • Exclusive Gear Type Air Motor: Better ability than other motors to accept contaminated air. High starting torque ensuring good spotting capability. Virtually maintenance free. Minimal moving parts.
  • Automatic Multi Disc Brake: Fully enclosed for better protection and corrosion resistance. No adjustment required. Maintenance free. Low pressure brake. “Venturi Effect” self-cleaning brake enclosure.
  • Infinitely Variable Speed Control: Precision spotting control with infinitely variable speed through pilot pendent control or pull chain control.
  • Overload Protection Device (Available for non-CE models)
  • Main Air Emergency Stop (Available for non-CE models)
  • Upper and Lower Limit Switches: Integrated in the hoist body for better protection. Allows the hoist to be also used in horizontal position. No adjustment required.
  • Corrosion Resistant Load Chain: Grade 80 calibrated load chain. Corrosion resistant treated for better protection and longer life. 5:1 design factor for safety and durability.
  • Smart Design Bottom Blocks: Bottom hook mounted on ball bearing for easier, smoother turning under load. Water drain hole to vent water from block. External lubrication point for better durability and ease of maintenance.

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Capacity (1.5 -100 Ton)