20v Right Angle Impact Wrench



20v Right Angle Impact Wrench

The 20v Right Angle Impact Wrench’s right angle design and reactionless torque will spare your knuckles while getting those hard-to-reach jobs done.



  • RELIABILITY: Built to last, this wrench featuring a durable aluminum hammer case, will deliver the right power every time you pull the trigger.
  • ACCESS: Thanks to its ergonomic build, this wrench can easily reach any tight spaces you need to work on.
  • POWER: With a high torque output and great power-to-weight ratio, you’ll be able to work quickly and efficiently without having to over-exert yourself.
  • 180 ft-lb maximum torque
  • Fully Serviceable Head for extended life
  • Finely tuned impact mechanism and motor deliver more torque, durability, and efficiency
  • Steel-lined aluminum hammer case is designed to be strong and lightweight, while protecting interior components of this cordless impact wrench
  • Impact- and chemical-resistant housing protects against repeated drops and exposure to shop fluids
  • Conveniently located forward/reverse switch for maximum control
  • Ergonomic handle and comfort grip offers the same reach as a ratchet


  • High-power, extended-life 20-volt lithium-ion battery is compatible with BL2012 and BL2010 and BL2022
  • From 0-1900rpm instantly. Just like your favorite cordless impact wrench, the W5330 flies through bolts
  • Optimized for the vehicle repair industry, fleet maintenance, body shops, general industrial use, and MRO
  • Patented Inline™ battery design can go places other cordless impact guns only dream of—spaces that used to be reserved for a traditional ratchet or your bare hands
  • 3-year warranty



  • W5330-K12 3/8″ Impact Wrench, BC1121 Charger, 1 BL2012 Li-ion Battery & Case
  • W5330-K22 3/8″ Impact Wrench, BC1121 Charger, 2 BL2012 Li-ion Batteries & Case
  • W5350-K12 1/2″ Impact Wrench, BC1121 Charger, 1 BL2012 Li-ion Battery & Case
  • W5350-K22 1/2″ Impact Wrench, BC1121 Charger, 2 BL2012 Li-ion Batteries & Case


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