“INGERSOLL-RAND” Air balancer (Model: ZAW035080)

“INGERSOLL-RAND” Air balancer Model: ZAW035080


  • Lifting capacity 350 lbs. (158 kgs) (@ pressure 100 Psig.) (Please contact us for more detail.)
  • Hook path 2 meters
  • Body diameter 10 inch.
  • Net weight 28 kgs.
  • include pendant control (up/down)
  • Suspension kit are availble.
  • Free maintenance
  • Air consumption 0.125 cfm (50x Less than Air hoist)
  • Suitable for severe and heavy duty application

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“INGERSOLL-RAND” Air balancer (Model: ZAW035080)

“INGERSOLL-RAND” Air balancer Model: ZAW035080

Air balancer designed to handle virtually all your lifting, suspending and positioning applications up to 2000 lb (900 kg),

Ingersoll Rand pneumatic balancers are used throughout global industry because of their outstanding productivity, ergonomics, and value.

The simple design is virtually maintenance free, features variable speed up to 200 feet per minute (60 meters per minute), covers the range of 10 different spring balancers.

Features a continuous duty rating cycle, runs lube free and consumes only 1/8 cfm of air per cycle (50x less than an air hoist).

Pneumatic balancers are available in 5 standard capacities: 50 lb (22 kg), 150 lb (68 kg), 200 lb (90 kg), 350 lb (160 kg), & 500 lb (225 kg) with 3 different control options.

The standard units can be reeved and tandem reeved to handle both single and variable load applications to 2000 lb (900 kg).

ZA CONTROL: For most pick and place and precision assembly applications. This is the most common control option, and operates like a hoist pendent with an up/down control.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Pendant Control – Ergonomic Up/Down pendant control for variable speed and feathering of load
  • Safety – If the air supply is ever interrupted, the unit will maintain the load in the suspended position
  • Standard emergency cable retract brake – If the load is accidentally lost, a spring loaded centrifugal brake automatically stops the rapid upward cable travel
  • Standard overload protection – The load being lifted can never exceed the unit’s maximum rated capacity at a given air pressure
  • Optional down stop – Eliminates the down-drift of suspended loads within 6 inches (152 mm) if air supply is shut down
  • Cable travel – Length of wire rope up to 30 ft (9.1 mm) with cable travel up to 120 inches (3048 mm) depending on model and configuration
  • Suspension kits – Suspension kits are available for virtually all enclosed track manufacturers, as well as I-beam, Patented/Hardened track, and Hook mounted configurations

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