2135QTL-2 Torque Limited Impact Wrench


2135QTL-2 Torque Limited Impact Wrench


The 2135QTL-2 delivers 780 ft-lbs of max reverse torque to get lugs off in a hurry but limits forward torque to 75 ft lbs to avoid stress on the wheel studs and overtightening. It reaches target torque in just 2–3 seconds, is quiet on the job and weighs in at only 4.3 lbs. Driven by a finely tuned impact mechanism and motor that bleeds air instead of delivering a glancing blow, the 2135QTL-2 is 3X more durable than our previous torque limiting impact wrenches. Engineered as the ultimate torque wrench counterpart, the 2135QTL-2 is built for convenience and quality.


PROFICIENCY: While the 2135QTL-2 limits power in forward, it doesn’t disappoint in reverse. This advanced tool supplies all the torque you need and none of the torque you don’t.

DURABILITY: Service after service, this torque limited impact wrench is engineered to hold its own. It’s been proven tough and made to last through all the REAL WORK that comes its way.

CONVENIENCE: Easy to use is an understatement. The ergonomically designed 2135QTL-2 is lightweight, quiet and a pro at getting lug nuts back on cars and trucks fast.

  • Limited forward torque: Prevents overtightening of lug nuts and minimizes the risk of damaging wheels
  • Max reverse torque: 780 ft lbs removes stuck lug nuts with ease
  • Advanced impact mechanism: 3X more durable than our previous torque limiting impact wrenches
  • Chemical resistant housing: Protects against exposure to shop fluids
  • Steel lined aluminum hammer case: Protects interior components without adding weight
  • Efficient design: Reaches 75 ft lbs in just 2-3 seconds
  • Quiet operation: Noticeably reduces noise levels in the garage
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 4.3 lbs to help reduce fatigue with repeated use



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