“INGERSOLL-RAND” Engine Air Starter (ST150 – series)

“INGERSOLL-RAND” Engine Air Starter (ST150 series)


  • Ingersoll Rand ST150 Series Turbine Air Starters pack a powerful 47HP in a solid aluminum turbine motor based on the patented next generation technology from the rugged, long lasting, easy to service, high performing and efficient ST1000 turbine starter. Built to withstand the toughest environmental and working conditions – combining robust features and flexibility to deliver reliable, heavy-duty starting in a wide variety of industrial, oil and gas, marine, power generation, and mining applications. (Please contact us for more detail.)

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ST150 – series, Engine Air Starter, “Ingersoll Rand”

ST150 – series, Engine Air Starter, “Ingersoll Rand”:

Feature & Benefit:

  • Solid billet aluminum turbine motor with robust fins and nozzles – heavy duty construction
  • Clear single stage turbine motor flow path handles the harshest conditions
  • Powerful 47 HP turbine motor for fast starts in challenging conditions
  • Suitable for engines in the 13 to 90 liter sizes.
  • Sealed for use with air or natural gas.


  • Left- or right-hand rotation available
  • 4 inlet, 4 exhaust, and 16 housing orientations
  • 30-150 psi (2.1-10.3 bars) operation
  • Inertia and pre-engaged drives available
  • Slip fit turbine motor design makes servicing simple and convenient

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