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Pistol Grip Air Screwdriver (Cushion Clutch) “Ingersoll Rand” (41PC10TSQ4)

Pistol Grip Air Screwdriver (Cushion Clutch) “Ingersoll Rand” (41PC10TSQ4)

Technical Specifications:

Drive Type 1/4″ Hex
Length 239 mm
Air Inlet (NPT) 1/4″
 Min Torque 1.1 Nm
Max Torque 9.0 Nm
Style Pistol Grip
Clutch Type Cushion Clutch
Trigger Type Trigger
Manufacturer Ingersoll Rand
Weight 1.4 kgs
Max Free Speed 1,000 rpm
Manufacturer Part Number 41PC10TSQ4-EU

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Pistol Grip Cushion Clutch Screwdriver “Ingersoll Rand” (41PC10TSQ4)

Pistol Grip Cushion Clutch Screwdriver “Ingersoll Rand” (41PC10TSQ4)

Torque Output: 1.1 to 9.0 Nm. Adjustable Cushion Clutch


  • Recommended for assembling that requires a torque limiting clutch.

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