SMB-Manual Chain Hoist

“INGERSOLL-RAND” Manual chain hoist (SMB – series)

“INGERSOLL-RAND” Manual chain hoist (SMB series)


  • Available capacity 0.5 Tons to 5 Tons (Please contact us for more detail.)
  • Single chain fall through 3 tons.
  • include overload protection clutch (standard)

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“Ingersoll Rand” Manual Chain Hoist (SMB-series)


รอกโซ่ “INGERSOLL-RAND” Manual chain hoist (SMB – series)

รอกโซ่ “INGERSOLL-RAND” Manual chain hoist (SMB series)

Ingersoll Rand SMB Silver Series manual chain hoists offer the strength and durability you need in tough lifting situations. Their high-strength, all-stamped steel construction provides decreased weight and better impact resistance. In addition, the hoists feature roller bearings on input shafts for easier lifting.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Encased and retained roller bearings for increased efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Single chain fall through 3 tons.
  • Nickel / chrome-plated exterior and zinc-plated frame components for increased corrosion resistance.
  • Double hand-chain guides for smooth operation when pulling excess hand chain.
  • Open frame design for easy cleaning and inspection.
  • CE certified; hoists meet or exceed regional requirements including ASME B30.16, HST-2M.
  • Hardened swivel-latch hooks.
  • Overload protection; clutch slips in the lifting direction only

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“Ingersoll Rand” Manual Chain Hoist (SMB-series)