Company Profile

Company Profile

TECHNOHUB CO.,LTD. was established in the year 2002 and
positions itself as a niche product and solution provider in the market
The strategy is to see the product base available, study the
competition situation and then create ways to penetrate the market and
achieve success.

The key functions can be classified as follows


All the key staff are factory trained and the subordinates are also
internally trained. So the quality of the work force is assured.

These personnel are engaged and employed to represent a
varied but complementary range of products as per details provided below.

For Ingersoll – Rand Technohub handles, Electric and Air Motor,
Hydraulic & Natural Gas Powered Hoists and Winches, Air Starter, Air
Productivity tools, Assembly tools, Fastener Tightening Systems (FTS)
& Ergonomics Handling Systems.

Consequently Technohub has established an independent branch
at Rayong to serve the Oil and Gas and Power conglomerates and
Petrochemical as well as Off – Shore Projects and Automotives
Industries there.

Technohub also represents other products from premium brands
of Asia, Europe, Usa Eg. Compressed Air treatment products

  • Anver (USA)
  • Beko (USA)
  • Come up (TIW)
  • CS Instruments (GEM)
  • Ingersoll Rand (USA)
  • Konecranes (FIN)
  • Lukas (GEM)
  • Metabo (GEM)
  • Usag (ITL)
  • Vetter (GEM)
  • Vital (JP)

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